Rooted in innovation

Developed at our state of the art production and research facility in Holland, our advanced techniques for mixing, diluting, and dissolving ingredients ensures our fertilizers are easily adopted and integrated into the plant system, thanks to our precise, stable, and consistent formulas that deliver only what the crop needs, and nothing it doesn't.

An integrated nutrient solution in 5 symbiotic parts.

Mills provides the benefits of hundreds of plant supporting compounds in five, easy to use products, offering growers an efficient system for gardens of all sizes.

From home grows to commercial facilities, Mills foundational and streamlined formulas remain at the core of each product for versatility, usability, and diversity that helps maximize yields with consistent results. Basis A and Basis B are used throughout the crop cycle, in equal proportions, and ensure that the crop has access to all necessary micro and macro elements in the ideal ratios. Start-R, C4, and Ultimate PK provide a complement of synthetic and naturally derived compounds tailored to the nutritional needs of each distinct phase of plant growth. Vitalize is Mills silicic acid, a bioavailable form of silicon that can be used as a root soak or foliar spray.

Simplify your agronomy

Fewer variables, better outcomes

Our engineers leveraged their collective decades of plant physiology and crop nutrition to formulate a five part line that is stable, concentrated, and effective.

For the end user, mixing only three consistent inputs allows for easy modification of feeding regimens between crop cycles and cultivars.

  1. Tested in and formulated for all media (soil, coco-coir, rockwool, DWC).
  2. Naturally derived humates support beneficial biological inputs.
  3. Plug and play functionality with modern fertigation systems.
  4. Biologically inert for sterile production regimens.